Welcome to Behr Necessities

Behr Necessities is a family-owned business. We opened our doors in October of 1999. We are proud to represent American-made wood and gas stoves, fireplaces and inserts. We provide an easy shopping experience for those seeking to install a fireplace or stove for new construction or to install in your home. Behr Necessities sells and installs hearth products from the industries' leading manufacturers of quality fireplace, wood, gas stoves and fireplaces. We don't compromise on the service you receive, the products you purchase or the guarantees they provide. Stop by and talk to our staff who will assist you in purchasing the right product for your home.

Learning Library

  • Gas Fireplace Inserts Gas fireplace inserts are simple and effective ways to convert wood burning fireplaces into gas fireplaces. The heat is generated by a connection to a natural gas or LP gas line. more
  • What is Creosote Creosote is a gummy, foul smelling, corrosive and extremely combustible substance that, if no precautions are taken, will coat the insides of everything it passes through. It is formed when volatile gases given off in the burning process combine and condense on their way out of the chimney. more
  • Summer Wood Stove Maintenance Maintenance of the wood stove during summer is easy. The stove will be ready for that first fire in the fall. more

Gas, Wood or Electric?