Summer Wood Stove Maintenance


Summer Wood Stove Maintenance

The best time to service your wood stove is in the summer, when you don’t need the extra heat!!

A woodstove will burn more efficiently and will be safer if you keep it in top-notch condition. Here is a check list to help with maintenance.

  1. Clean out the ashes.
  2. Wear fireproof gloves and use a long-handled scoop. Place the cool ashes in a fireproof container with a tight lid.
  3. Inspect the catalytic converter
    if it appears worn or damaged, replace it. (Many newer models burn efficiently enough so they do not need a catalytic converter.)
  4. Keep the stoves surface clean
    Touch up and restore its shine with stove polish or stove paint. Use only products intended for woodstoves.
  5. Replace worn gaskets
    Most woodstoves have gaskets around the doors and other moving parts. As the gaskets wear, they reduce the efficiency of the stove. A woodstove dealer can order replacement gaskets.
  6. Inspect the stovepipe and flue.

Have a chimney professional examine and clean the flue—and disassemble, inspect, and clean the stovepipe—at least once a year; more frequently, if you use the stove every day in the winter. You can learn to inspect and clean the stovepipe yourself.

Cover your floor and furniture with plastic because this will get messy. Remove all the screws and set them aside. Put on heavy gloves and pull the pieces of pipe apart. Keep the pieces in order. Clean the insides of the pipe with a pipe brush made for your pipe size.

If you need to replace any pipe pieces, use stovepipe recommended by the manufacturer of your woodstove. Assemble new pipe by sliding the creased end of one piece into the uncreased end of another. Secure each junction by drilling pilot holes and driving in sheet-metal screws

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