The Tempest Torch

Breaking the barriers of standard torches, the Tempest Torch offers a dramatic, decorative option for outdoor lighting!
The gas-burning lamp is designed to create ambiance while enhancing lighting.

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Tempest torch


Endless Opportunities 

Mount Styles
Your possibilities are nearly endless. Elevate your outdoor living space, retail or business storefront, walkway, pool area, patio, or even affixed to an exterior wall.  with the glow of gas burning torches. Choose from a moveable base or a permanent installation model. The Tempest Torch is available in three styles, a pillar mount, post mount, and wall mount. 

Lighting Systems

The Tempest Torch can be installed with an easy-use manual light system or with an electronic ignition system that allows for multiple torches to be ignited or extinguished with a switch, or be tied to your automated lighting system. 

Tempest torch pillar mount Tempest torch wall mount



The Dancing FlameTempest torch post mount

The Tempest Torch uses a design referred to as the natural venturi effect which causes the flame to spiral and dance within the glass walls. The result is a dancing flame that won The Tempest Torch the title of Best Outdoor Room Furnishing and Best of Show for all Products at the Hearth, Patio, and BBQ Expo.