Fireplaces, Inserts, & Logs

Gas Fireplace

Our gas fireplace options offer flexible placement in your home and are very environmentally friendly. We offer many fireplace face options so you can find the perfect style for your home.

Gas Insert

Revitalize a preexisting fireplace with a gas fireplace insert! Fireplace inserts are designed to sit in a no longer used fireplace to provide additional heat into the home offer a stylish facelift.

Wood Fireplace

A wood fireplace adds a functional focal point to any room. Our wood fireplaces provide your home with natural warmth, ambient lighting, and the light scent of burning wood.

Wood Inserts

Wood Fireplace inserts are fireboxes that have been custom modified to fit within a no longer used masonry fireplace. Wood burning inserts add more heat to a room than traditional fireplaces as well as offer a custom faceplate to match your style.

Electric Fireplaces and Inserts

Electric Fireplaces offer unbeatable flexibility. Not only in installation location, but also in the option of heat production or not. Electric Fireplaces are customizable in size, as well as design.

Gas Logs-Natural Gas

Adding a set of natural gas burning logs to your fireplace creates a unique look, while being environmentally friendly, increased safety, being long-lasting, and offering a budget-sensitive choice.

Gas Logs-LP Propane Gas

Opting for a set of fireplace logs that burn propane gas offers you a safer option on top of being budget-friendly, longevity, and a more customizable burn look.