Discover High-Quality Outdoor Fire Pits in Northeastern Ohio

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Ohio Flame is located in Northeast Ohio. It crafts its products from heavy gauge American steel sourced from domestic steel mills. The result is a unique, 100% American-made product built to last a lifetime. 


Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor Fire Pits Northeastern Ohio

Outdoor Fire Pits

Experience the Enticing Charm of Behr Necessities Outdoor Fire Pits

At Behr Necessities, our admiration for the appealing allure of outdoor fire pits is channeled into our exceptional variety of robust products. Crafted in partnership with Ohio Flame, acclaimed for their captivating designs, our fire pits are designed from premium American heavy-gauge steel to enhance your open-air relaxation experiences.

Durability Meets Elegance in Our Outdoor Fire Pits

Discover our American-made outdoor fire pits' seamless blend of hardiness and sophistication. Our offerings boast an array of sizes and styles. The standard steel thickness utilized in crafting our fire pits ranges from 3/16" to 1/4", promising sturdiness. Each fire pit is meticulously designed and hand-welded by professional artisans, creating a unique masterpiece that epitomizes top-tier craftsmanship.

Diverse Outdoor Fire Pit Options Tailored for Your Needs

Embark on a journey to explore our wide range of fire pit alternatives. We proudly offer stone outdoor fire pits that cater to those attracted to nature-inspired aesthetics. Our metal outdoor fire pits are ideal for patrons seeking a more modern touch. We also present unique models expertly designed for outdoor cooking. Whether you're in the market for a fire pit on sale or seeking a cooking-specific design, Behr Necessities has the perfect fire pit.

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Brass burners

Superior Fire Feature Systems

Patent-Pending CROSSFIRE Brass Burners utilize cutting-edge jet technology to produce a taller, brighter, fuller flame that replicates a natural, wood-burning fire - all while consuming less gas.

  • 100% brass, making it sustainable, corrosion-resistant, rust-free and eliminates the need for frequent replacement.
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Manufactured and assembles in the United States
  • An extensive selection of standard burners or can be custom designed to fit any outdoor space
  • Fastest lead times in the industry


Through their jet technology and corresponding BTU supply, CROSSFIRE Brass Burners create flames of two feet or more.