Zone heating with your fireplace

Your furnace heats your entire home. If you use your fireplace or stove in the rooms your family uses the most it will allow you to turn down the furnace thermostat. This can decrease your fuel bill by 20 to 40 percent. Zone heating is the perfect solution for warming a cold room or a new room addition.

There are may choices for hearth products. Offerings are available in different sizes, styles and colors to match your home decor.

Modern fireplaces are engineered as a firebox enclosed within a steel cabinet. Air circulates between the inner and outer boxes transferring the heat to your room and keeping the outer wall relatively cool. spacers surrounding the cabinet allow it to be installed close to the wood framing in new construction or remodeling.

Compared to a site-built fireplace, a factory-built system is surprisingly inexpensive to purchase and install. They use a safe, lightweight chimney and do not need the additional structural support required for a masonry chimney. They can be easily and safely installed in almost any room.

Freestanding stoves are the most versatile hearth product. They can be made from cast iron, steel or stone and come in a wide selection of sizes and styles finished in porcelain, enamel or paint. Today's stoves are very efficient, produce minimal ash, burn longer and use less fuel. Heat radiates from their thick metal or stone construction to keep homes cozy on the coldest winter days. Andy may have a ceramic glass to allow fire viewing.

Fireplace inserts install into existing fireplaces - masonry or factory-built - to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact. The are available as wood burning or can use natural or LP gas. Electric inserts are also available.

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