Should I have my Gas Fireplace Serviced?

Every fireplace manufacturer recommends an annual service and cleaning of your fireplace. Dust, dirt, and spiders can all infect and clog up orifices and burner parts of your fireplace. A dirty unit will burn inefficiently or not at all. Loose or dirty wire connections will affect the operation of the fireplace. Gaskets need to be checked. A worn out gasket can allow poisonous carbon monoxide to leak into your home.

Valves and gas connections should be checked for leakage. The thermopile and/or thermocouple could be worn and need replacing. The fireplace should be cycled to check the operation of the pilot and burners. Delayed ignition is dangerous.

The chimney cap should be checked. Debris can block the vents causing the fireplace to malfunction. The fan should be cleaned. A dirty fan will not run correctly and be noisy. Batteries should be changed in the remote and its receiver. Cleaning of the glass should also be done. The logs should be checked for condition and to be certain they are not broken.

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